It’s never been easier to calculate cargo load configurations.

Now you can optimise cargo storage efficiency to maximise freight costs.

Shipping Container Calculator is the best tool that calculates Cubic Metres (CBM), volume and quantity for quick and easy cargo loading optimisation. Less optimal cargo loads leave empty spaces on containers which drive up shipping costs. Shipping Container Calculator helps shippers and logistic companies better match cargo loads to container capacity so that they can make the best possible use of space and reduce loading time.

How many items can a 20' container fit?

A quick response is your opportunity to make a favourable impression. Shipping Container Calculator is an indispensable tool that helps you focus on closing deals at trade show floors by providing potential clients with instant quotes.

Simplify the complex task of complicated cargo calculations

With built in options for palletising, product orientation placements, and a choice of up to 20 types of mixed cargo types, Shipping Container Calculator does all the hard work for you.

Choose from 6 types of cargo category



IBC Totes

Jerry Cans


Bulk Bags

Simulate 3D container cargo plan for space maximisation

Graphical step by step view of cargos as they fit into a container. Pinch and zoom to scale, swipe to rotate 360 degrees. You can even save all your results to access them later anytime.